Meet Frontbacker, Willie Myers!

At Frontback, we have the pleasure of getting to know some of our fantastic community members!

Today, we introduce writer, performer, and marketer, Willie Myers (@theresawillie on Frontback). By day, he runs marketing for a tech startup. By night, he does improv and sketch comedy at the Second CIty and iO in Chicago.

Oh, and if you are looking for a fast food and French pop music connoisseur or someone who taught English in rural Vietnam or someone who worked as a goatherd in the Japanese Alps, Willie’s your guy.

So, without further ado, meet Frontback user @theresawillie

Tell us your Frontback story!

My friend Clare (@claresayas) recommended Frontback to me after she heard about it at Disrupt. I took a few random pictures last fall and got hooked.

My favorite thing about Frontback is that it lets you tell a story. With two pictures, you get a chance to document the world around you and show how you feel about it. You get scenic sunsets and funny before-and-afters, but you also get a cool glimpse of the user behind the camera.

Plus, double the pictures means double the pictures of DOGS. I’m going dogsledding next month in Sweden and those huskies have no idea what’s coming.

What’s going on in the mask factory picture?


I was meeting up with my friend after work at her office. Turns out she works AT A MASK FACTORY. It was amazing. There were rubber fangs and old lady wigs everywhere. The mask I’m wearing in my Frontback is called “Stan the Man.” Obviously.

If you could create any Frontback, what would it be?

I really want to do an underwater Frontback. Or one where I’m in a bathtub full of money.

Who are your favorite Frontback users?
@tamkai - really cool drawings that morph into everyday objects
@ohellman - panoramic alpine adventures with a side order of dog naps!
@himesora - a teddy bear hat, cartoon eyes!




Do you have a favorite post on Frontback? 

I think @hong_quan’s lonely Elmo in Central Park is pretty great. 


We hope you enjoyed this peek into Willie’s life. For more, check out his Frontback Profile @theresawillie or his blog 


Post by: Elissa Patel, Community Manager
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